Plan B, s2f «alle YT Interviews»

Unchained Podcast: Bitcoin Projected to Reach $135,000 in December, According to PlanB - Ep. 200

Scott Melker: Bitcoin Will Hit $288,000 | PlanB, Creator Of Stock-To-Flow Model Explains Why

What Bitcoin Did: S2F, Gold & the Big Reset with Plan₿ & Willem Middelkoop

Benjamin Cowen: Bitcoin: Stock-To-Flow, Lengthening Cycles, and Diminishing Returns (A Discussion with PlanB)

Anthony Pompliano: The Bitcoin Interview That YouTube Tried To Delete

Marc Friedrich: Bitcoin $100.000 noch DIESES Jahr und Bullenmarkt ist NICHT vorbei! (PlanB/stocktoflow)

Madelon Vos: 🚘 PlanB over BITCOIN koers hoger dan $288.000 & fase 6 (Eng. subs) | Part 2 #10 Madelon Navigeert (DUTCH)

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